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Adachi, Naoki: Toppan Printing Co.,
Adachi, Yoroku: Canon Inc.,
Adami, Norman J.: Miller Brewing,
Adamovich Jr, John: Pall Corp,
Adams, John: Hawaiian Airlines,
Adams, Johnston C: Keebler Foods Co.,
Adams, Kirby: Bluescope Steel Ltd,
Adams, L Ray: Oregon Steel Mills,
Adams, Paul: Allied Domecq plc., BAT (British American Tobacco plc),
Addoms, Samuel: Frontier Airlines, Inc,
Addoms, Samuel D: Frontier Airlines, Inc,
Adelson, Sheldon G: Las Vegas Sands Corp.,
Adelus, Benoît: Eurofins Scientific,
Ades, Alberto Saba: Casa Saba, Grupo,
Ades, Manuel Saba: Casa Saba, Grupo,
Ades, Moises Saba: Casa Saba, Grupo,
Adkerson, Richard: Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.,
Adler, Lionello: Cartiere Burgo SpA,
Adlersberg, Shabtai: AudioCodes Ltd,
Adomaitis, Dennis: The J. Jill Group, Inc,
Adrean, Lee: EarthLink Inc,
Adreani, Giuliano: Mediaset SpA,
Adriano, Dino: Sainsbury,
Aelick, Ronald: Inco Ltd.,
Afflelou, Alain: Afflelou,
Affuso, Anthony: EDS Corp. (Electronic Data Systems),
Afif, Alfredo Miguel: Infomin Grupo,

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