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Avanzi, Francis P: Hurel-Dubois S.A.,
Avdeev, Sergei: Vimpel Communications,
Avery, Paul E: OSI Restaurant Partners Inc.,
Averyt, Gayle O: UNUMProvident Corp.,
Avner, Michael: Strauss-Elite,
Axell, Goran: Kooperativa Forbundet Group,
Ayache, Alain: Les Meilleures Éditions,
Aycock, Carl J: MCI Inc.,
Ayer, Ramani: Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc,
Ayer, William S: Alaska Airlines,
Azancot, Adar: RADA Electronic Industries Ltd,
Azéma, Jean: Groupama SA, Société Générale,
Azevedo, Paulo: Sonae,
Azevedo, Rodolfo Canhedo: VASP (Viacao Aerea Sao Paulo),
Azevedo, Wagner Canhedo: VASP (Viacao Aerea Sao Paulo),
AZHARI,: Banque Banorabe SA,
Aziz, Amirsham A: Malayan Banking Berhad,
Aznar, Jose Maria: News Corp.,
Azoulay, Serge: Lansay,
Azoulay, Simon: Alten SA,

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