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Arsenal Holdings

Headquarters : Avenell Rd. Highbury London, N5 1 BU United Kingdom United Kingdom web tel. +44-20-7704-4000 analytics


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yearfinancial misdemeanorsalesincome source
2007 Arsenal players sign 2 contracts - 1 for basic salary which is taxed as normal, around 40% and another for performance bonus related payments. These bonus payments can add up if Arsenal play well and can amount to doubling Arsenal players basic salary. In 1 season alone Arsenal payed 76k in tax on 7.6 million pounds of player payments. A firm called Sevco 1270 which Arsenal players are shareholders of, paid bonuses to a Jersey based trust fund. Even the manager(Arsene Wenger) has saved grands using this method. Arsenal have also set up what is known as a employee benefit trust, through which bonuses are loaned to players, but never paid back. 41% in tax would normally be due on such loans if they were paid directly rather than from offshore, Arsenal players paid 1%.    
2006   0,19   billion Eu€
2003   0,15   billion Eu€
2002   0,12   billion US$
2001   0,090,04   billion US$
2000   0,090,02   billion US$
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