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Economy, tax incentives & labor conditions

An entire industry exists in the United States to defeat union organising drives through coercion and intimidation. In fact, a recent study found that 82 per cent of employers hire these high priced union busting consultants to fight organising drives. Consultants employ a wide range of tactics, including many that skirt the law. A survey into employer behaviour during organising campaigns was carried out by the University of Illinois and commissioned by “American Rights at Work". The results, published in 2005, show that 91 per cent of employers, when faced with employees who want to join together in a union, force employees to attend closed-door meetings to hear anti-union propaganda. In 70 per cent of organising campaigns in the manufacturing sector, employers threaten to move the plant if the union wins. Thirty percent of employers fire pro-union workers.
(ITUC-CSI , Suisse , 01/12/2007 , Annual Survey of violations of trade union rights )

Effective union busting campaigns mean that many union organising attempts fail despite initial support from a majority of workers. Over 30 million workers are still denied basic collective bargaining rights by law, including 40 per cent of federal public sector workers.
(ITUC-CSI , Suisse , 01/12/2007 , Annual Survey of violations of trade union rights )

The average wage cost in the car industry is 18,7 euros per hour.
(Les Echos , France , 25/03/2006 )

Free trade zones:Zone Nº 177 Evansville Indiana Zone Nº 253 Butte County California Zone Nº 254 Jefferson County Pennsylvania Zone Nº 255 Washington County Maryland Zone Nº 256 Roswell New Mexico Zone Nº 257 Imperial County California Zone Nº 259 International Falls Minnesota Zone Nº 260 Lubbock Texas Zone Nº258 Bowie County Texas Zone No. 1, New York City, New York Zone No. 100, Dayton, Ohio Zone No. 101, Clinton County, Ohio Zone No. 102, St. Louis, Missouri Zone No. 103, Grand Forks, North Dakota Zone No. 104, Savannah, Georgia Zone No. 105, Providence and North Kingstown, Rhode Island Zone No. 106, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Zone No. 107, Des Moines, Iowa Zone No. 108, Valdez, Alaska Zone No. 109, Watertown, New York Zone No. 110, Albuquerque, New Mexico Zone No. 111, JFK Int'l Airport, New York Zone No. 112, Colorado Springs, Colorado Zone No. 113, Ellis County, Texas Zone No. 114, Peoria, Illinois Zone No. 115, Beaumont, Texas Zone No. 116, Port Arthur, Texas Zone No. 117, Orange, Texas Zone No. 118, Ogdensburg, New York Zone No. 119, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota Zone No. 12, McAllen, Texas Zone No. 120, Cowlitz County, Washington Zone No. 121, Albany, New York Zone No. 122, Corpus Christi, Texas Zone No. 123, Denver, Colorado Zone No. 124, Gramercy, Louisiana Zone No. 125, South Bend, Indiana Zone No. 126, Sparks, Nevada Zone No. 127, West Columbia, South Carolina Zone No. 128, Whatcom County, Washington Zone No. 129, Bellingham, Washington Zone No. 130, Blaine, Washington Zone No. 131, Sumas, Washington Zone No. 132, Coos County, Oregon Zone No. 133, Quad-City, Iowa/Illinois Zone No. 134, Chattanooga, Tennessee Zone No. 135, Palm Beach County, Florida Zone No. 136, Brevard County, Florida Zone No. 137, Washington Dulles Int'l Airport, Virginia Zone No. 138, Franklin County, Ohio Zone No. 139, Sierra Vista, Arizona Zone No. 14, Little Rock, Arkansas Zone No. 140, Flint, Michigan Zone No. 141, Monroe County, New York Zone No. 142, Salem, New Jersey Zone No. 143, West Sacramento, California Zone No. 144, Brunswick, Georgia Zone No. 145, Shreveport, Louisiana Zone No. 146, Lawrence County, Illinois Zone No. 147, Reading, Pennsylvania Zone No. 148, Knoxville, Tennessee Zone No. 149, Freeport, Texas Zone No. 15, Kansas City, Missouri Zone No. 150, El Paso, Texas Zone No. 151, Findlay, Ohio Zone No. 152, Burns Harbor, Indiana Zone No. 153, San Diego, California Zone No. 154, Baton Rouge, Louisiana Zone No. 155, Calhoun/Victoria Counties, Texas Zone No. 156, Weslaco, Texas Zone No. 157, Casper, Wyoming Zone No. 158, Vicksburg/Jackson, Mississippi Zone No. 159, St. Paul, Alaska Zone No. 16, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Zone No. 160, Anchorage, Alaska Zone No. 161, Sedgwick County, Kansas Zone No. 162, North Haven, Connecticut Zone No. 164, Muskogee, Oklahoma Zone No. 165, Midland, Texas Zone No. 166, Homestead, Florida Zone No. 167, Brown County, Wisconsin Zone No. 168, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Zone No. 169, Manatee County, Florida Zone No. 17, Kansas City, Kansas Zone No. 170, Clark County, Indiana Zone No. 171, Liberty County, Texas Zone No. 172, Oneida County, New York Zone No. 173, Grays Harbor, Washington Zone No. 174, Pima County, Arizona Zone No. 175, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Zone No. 176, Rockford, Illinois Zone No. 179, Madawaska, Maine Zone No. 18, San Jose, California Zone No. 180, Miami (Wynwood), Florida Zone No. 181, Akron-Canton, Ohio Zone No. 182, Fort Wayne, Indiana Zone No. 183, Austin, Texas Zone No. 184, Klamath Falls, Oregon Zone No. 185, Culpeper County, Virginia Zone No. 186, Waterville, Maine Zone No. 187, Toole County, Montana Zone No. 189, Kent/Ottawa/Muskegon Counties, Michigan Zone No. 19, Omaha, Nebraska Zone No. 191, Palmdale, California Zone No. 193, Pinellas County, Florida Zone No. 195, Fairbanks, Alaska Zone No. 196, Fort Worth, Texas Zone No. 197, Dona Ana County, New Mexico Zone No. 198, Volusia and Flagler Counties, Florida Zone No. 199, Texas City, Texas Zone No. 2, New Orleans, Louisiana Zone No. 20, Suffolk, Virginia Zone No. 200, Mercer County, New Jersey Zone No. 201, Holyoke, Massachusetts Zone No. 202, Los Angeles, California Zone No. 203, Moses Lake, Washington Zone No. 204, Tri-City, Tennessee/Virginia Zone No. 205, Port Hueneme, California Zone No. 206, Medford-Jackson County, Oregon Zone No. 207, Richmond, Virginia Zone No. 208, New London, Connecticut Zone No. 21, Dorchester County, South Carolina Zone No. 210, St. Clair County, Michigan Zone No. 211, Anniston, Alabama Zone No. 212, Tacoma, Washington Zone No. 213, Fort Myers, Florida Zone No. 214, Lenoir County, North Carolina Zone No. 215, Sebring, Florida Zone No. 216, Olympia, Washington Zone No. 217, Ocala, Florida Zone No. 218, St. Lucie County, Florida Zone No. 219, Yuma, Arizona Zone No. 22, Chicago, Illinois Zone No. 220, Sioux Falls, South Dakota Zone No. 221, Mesa, Arizona Zone No. 222, Montgomery, Alabama Zone No. 223, Memphis, Tennessee Zone No. 224, Spokane, Washington Zone No. 225, Springfield, Missouri Zone No. 226, Merced, Madera & Fresno Counties, California Zone No. 227, Durant, Oklahoma Zone No. 228, Wood and Jackson Counties, West Virginia Zone No. 229, Charleston, West Virginia Zone No. 23, Buffalo, New York Zone No. 230, Guilford, Forsyth, Davison and Surry Counties, North Carolina Zone No. 231, Stockton, California Zone No. 232, Kodiak Island, Alaska Zone No. 233, Dothan, Alabama Zone No. 234, Gregg County, Texas Zone No. 235, Lakewood, New Jersey Zone No. 236, Palm Springs, California Zone No. 237, Santa Maria, California Zone No. 238, Dublin, Virginia Zone No. 239, Terre Haute, Indiana Zone No. 24, Pittston, Pensylvania Zone No. 240, Martinsburg, West Virginia Zone No. 241, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Zone No. 242, Boundary County, Idaho Zone No. 243, Victorville, California Zone No. 244, Riverside County, California Zone No. 245, Decatur, Illinois Zone No. 246, Waco, Texas Zone No. 247, Erie, Pennsylvania Zone No. 248, Eureka, California Zone No. 249, Pensacola, Florida Zone No. 25, Port Everglades, Florida Zone No. 250, Seminole County, Florida Zone No. 251, Edinburg, Texas Zone No. 252, Amarillo, Texas Zone No. 26, Atlanta, Georgia Zone No. 27, Boston, Massachusetts Zone No. 28, New Bedford, Massachusetts Zone No. 29, Louisville, Kentucky Zone No. 3, San Francisco, California Zone No. 30, Salt Lake City, Utah Zone No. 31, Granite City, Illinois Zone No. 32, Miami, Florida Zone No. 33, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Zone No. 34, Niagara County, New York Zone No. 35, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Zone No. 36, Galveston, Texas Zone No. 37, Orange County, New York Zone No. 38, Spartanburg County, South Carolina Zone No. 39, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Zone No. 40, Cleveland, Ohio Zone No. 41, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Zone No. 42, Orlando, Florida Zone No. 43, Battle Creek, Michigan Zone No. 44, Morris County, New Jersey Zone No. 45, Portland, Oregon Zone No. 46, Cincinnati, Ohio Zone No. 47, Boone County, Kentucky Zone No. 48, Tucson, Arizona Zone No. 49, Newark/Elizabeth, New Jersey Zone No. 5, Seattle, Washington Zone No. 50, Long Beach, California Zone No. 51, Duluth, Minnesota Zone No. 52, Suffolk County, New York Zone No. 53, Rogers County, Oklahoma Zone No. 54, Clinton County, New York Zone No. 55, Burlington, Vermont Zone No. 56, Oakland, California Zone No. 57, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Zone No. 58, Bangor, Maine Zone No. 59, Lincoln, Nebraska Zone No. 60, Nogales, Arizona Zone No. 62, Brownsville, Texas Zone No. 63, Prince George's County, Maryland Zone No. 64, Jacksonville, Florida Zone No. 65, Panama City, Florida Zone No. 66, Wilmington, North Carolina Zone No. 67, Morehead City, North Carolina Zone No. 68, El Paso, Texas Zone No. 70, Detroit, Michigan Zone No. 71, Windsor Locks, Connecticut Zone No. 72, Indianapolis, Indiana Zone No. 73, Baltimore/Washington Int'l Airport, Maryland Zone No. 74, Baltimore, Maryland Zone No. 75, Phoenix, Arizona Zone No. 76, Bridgeport, Connecticut Zone No. 77, Memphis, Tennessee Zone No. 78, Nashville, Tennessee Zone No. 79, Tampa, Florida Zone No. 8, Toledo, Ohio Zone No. 80, San Antonio, Texas Zone No. 81, Portsmouth, New Hampshire Zone No. 82, Mobile, Alabama Zone No. 83, Huntsville, Alabama Zone No. 84, Harris County, Texas Zone No. 85, Everett, Washington Zone No. 86, Tacoma, Washington Zone No. 87, Lake Charles, Louisiana Zone No. 88, Great Falls, Montana Zone No. 89, Clark County, Nevada Zone No. 9, Honolulu, Hawaii Zone No. 90, Onondaga, New York Zone No. 92, Harrison County, Mississippi Zone No. 93, Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina Zone No. 94, Laredo, Texas Zone No. 95, Starr County, Texas Zone No. 96, Eagle Pass, Texas Zone No. 98, Birmingham, Alabama Zone No. 99, Wilmington, Delaware
(Entreprise , 01/01/1999 )

Main violations of the human rights and dirty money laundering
(year and company name)

2007 American Express Co.
2007 UnionBanCal Corp
2007 UnionBanCal Corp
2006 Bank of America Corp.
2006 Carlyle Group
2005 Banc Sabadell
2005 Banco de Chile
2005 Banco Espirito Santo
2005 Banco Santander ex-BSCH
2005 Bank of America Corp.
2005 Bank of New York Co.
2005 Citigroup Inc.
2005 Citigroup Inc.
2005 HSBC Holdings (Hong-Kong & Shangai Banking Corp)
2005 Riggs National Corp.
2005 Riggs National Corp.
2004 ABN Amro Holding NV
2002 BostonFed Bancorp, Inc
2001 Citigroup Inc.
2001 Schwab Charles Corp.
2001 Steven Madden, Ltd
2001 Wachovia Corp.
2001 Wackenhut Corrections Corp
2000 Chase Manhattan Corp.
1999 Bank of Bermuda
1999 Bank of New York Co.
1999 Citigroup Inc.
1999 Citizens Financial Group, Inc
1999 Commercial Bank of San Francisco
1999 Fleet Boston Financial Corp.
1999 Key Bank
1999 Wackenhut Corrections Corp
1998 Bank Boston Corp.
1998 Bank of New York Co.
1996 Citigroup Inc.

Main labor right violations
(year, company name and norm number)

2007 Smithfield Foods Inc. 87,98
2007 Spalding 87, 98
2007 Starbucks Corp 87,98
2007 Verizon Communications 87,98
2006 Robert Mondavi Corp 87
2006 Verizon Communications 87
2006 Wal-Mart Stores 29
2005 Delta Air Lines, Inc 87, 98
2005 UBS (Union de Banques Suisses) 100
2005 Wal-Mart Stores 138
2005 Wal-Mart Stores 29
2005 Wal-Mart Stores 87, 98
2005 Wal-Mart Stores 87,98
2004 E. & J. Gallo Winery 87, 98
2004 Wal-Mart Stores 138
2002 Coflexip SA 1, 87, 98
2002 PPR (Pinault-Printemps-La Redoute) 87 98
2002 Wal-Mart Stores 138
2002 Whole Foods Market, Inc 87, 98
2001 AT&T Corp 87, 98
2001 Borders Inc 87, 98
2001 Eddie Bauer Holdings, Inc ex-Spiegel, Inc 87, 98
2001 Johnson Controls 87, 98
2001 TWA (Trans World Airlines) 87, 98
2001 Tyson Foods Inc. 87,98
2000 Coca Cola Co. 111
1998 Kmart Corp. 138

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