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Wackenhut Corrections Corp

Headquarters : 4200 Wackenhut Dr., Ste. 100 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410-4243 United States of America United States of America web tel. 561-622-5656 stock : WHC analytics


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Sales 9 Bn $.€ /year Influence 1
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Wackenhut CorpUnited States of America100
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2004In 2002, has received 59 awards/contracts representing 69 correctional/detention facilities in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand with a total of 43 067 beds.Polaris Institute
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South Africa South Africa
South African Custodial Services :

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photo position; compensation
2007Sanders, Gary A
See the photo of: Sanders, Gary A Chief Executive Officer;
2000Wackenhut, George R
See the photo of: Wackenhut, George R Chairman;
2000Zoley, George C
See the photo of: Zoley, George C Chief Executive Officer;
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social impact : country
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2001United States of America : Lawsuit filed by 12 girls alleging sexual abuse at its facility Coke County Juvenile Facility (Texas)Polaris Institute
2001Australia : Australasian Correctional Management operates 15 correctional facilities. The Australian Ombudsman released a report stating that there are systematic deficiencies in the management of ACM's facilities, including "racial abuse of detainees, inappropriate use of force and trashing of detainees rooms by ACM staff; overcrowding; unduly long periods of detention; reports of sexual assaults on women and children; and incidents of attempted suicide and other violence arising from tensions associated with the detention centres".Polaris Institute
1999United States of America : Fourteen guards formerly employed by Wackenhut have been indicted for sexual misconduct against female prisoners. Was fined a record $US 625,000 and lost its contract to run the facility Travis County Correctional Facility, Austin Texas, in November 1999.Polaris Institute

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year  salesincome source
2002   0,570,02   billion US$
2001   0,560,02   billion US$
2000   0,540,02   billion US$
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