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Aventis SA

Headquarters : Espace Européen de l'Entreprise 67300 Schiltigheim France France
Job offers, investor relations : web tel. 03 88 99 15 79 email: stock : AVE analytics


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« Ethical » rating of Aventis SA , group Sanofi-Aventis and subsidiaries

Jobs -4% /1998 Pollution 5 Fraud 12 Offshore 3 Sales 28 Bn $.€ /year Profit 25 Bn $.€ /1998 Wage 2242 *min. Influence 12 Infocom 3
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» More shareholders of Aventis SA
Aventis Pasteur United States of America100
Centeon LLC United States of America100
Dystar AG Germany35Les Echos
Gallus Gmbh Germany100
Genfit France Les Echos
Rhône Poulenc SA. France100
» More subsidiaries of Aventis SA
address & contact : production type
incentive source
Anthony : R&D
 Les Echos
Evry : R&D
 Les Echos
Vitry-sur-Seine : R&D
 Les Echos
Germany Germany
Francfort : R&D
 Les Echos
Bermuda Bermuda
Carderm Capital LP :
Offshore finance, secret bank account, tax haven, shell companies or free zone(s) Wall Street Journal
China China
Hangzhou : Regent, rovral
 Les Echos
United States of America United States of America
Bridgewater, New Jersey : R&D
 Les Echos
Ireland Ireland
Waterford : R&D
Offshore finance, secret bank account, tax haven, shell companies or free zone(s) Les Echos
Mexico Mexico
 Ministère des Finances

  • Human impact

year name
photo position; compensation
2004Langlois, Patrick
See the photo of: Langlois, Patrick Chief Financial Officer;
2002Douglas, Frank L
See the photo of: Douglas, Frank L Executive committee;
2002Landau, Igor
See the photo of: Landau, Igor Chairman of the Executive committee; salary: 2 million Eu€; stock-options: 8 million Eu€;
Les Echos
2002Langlois, Patrick
See the photo of: Langlois, Patrick Vice-president;
2002Markham, Richard
See the photo of: Markham, Richard Vice-president;
2002Meier, Heinz-Werner
See the photo of: Meier, Heinz-Werner Executive committee;
2002Oldenburg, Dirk
See the photo of: Oldenburg, Dirk Executive committee;
2002Soursac, Thierry
See the photo of: Soursac, Thierry Executive committee;
2001Dormann, Jurgen
See the photo of: Dormann, Jurgen Chairman of the Executive committee; salary: 2,35 million Eu€; stock-options: 14,87 million Eu€;
Le Monde
2000Fourtou, Jean-René
See the photo of: Fourtou, Jean-René Vice-president;
1999Bruel, Jean-Marc
See the photo of: Bruel, Jean-Marc Monitoring Committee;
1999Dormann, Jurgen
See the photo of: Dormann, Jurgen Chairman of the Executive committee; stock-options: 0,35 million shares;
1999Fruhauf, Martin
See the photo of: Fruhauf, Martin Monitoring Committee;
1999Kampf, Serge
See the photo of: Kampf, Serge Monitoring Committee;
1999Markl, Hubert
See the photo of: Markl, Hubert Monitoring Committee;
1999Metz, Gunter
See the photo of: Metz, Gunter Monitoring Committee;
1999Pineau-Valencienne, Didier
See the photo of: Pineau-Valencienne, Didier Monitoring Committee;
1999Razzouqi, Seham
See the photo of: Razzouqi, Seham Monitoring Committee;
1999Renault, Michel
See the photo of: Renault, Michel Monitoring Committee;
1999Schinzler, Hans-Jurgen
See the photo of: Schinzler, Hans-Jurgen Monitoring Committee;
1999Viénot, Marc
See the photo of: Viénot, Marc Monitoring Committee;
1999Waech, Horst
See the photo of: Waech, Horst Executive committee;
social impact : country
Les Echos
Les Echos
social impact : country
 4 informations, access to subscribers
country : consequences
2000 : Production, purchase or sale of genetically modified organisms which may cause an irreversible genetic pollution, a destruction of the biodiversity and health risks for the consumers.

  • Subsidy

yearfinancial misdemeanorsalesincome buybacksource
2007 The laboratories Roche, BASF and Aventis were fined 8,5 million dollars in Brazil. They were accused of having formed a cartel, price agreements, market sharing and unfair competition on the market of vitamins. During second half of the Nineties, these three companies would have restricted the offer and increased the prices of the vitamins A, B2, B5 and C They would have also prevented the entry on the market of less expensive Chinese vitamins.    
2006 Roche Holdings AG, BASF AG and Aventis will pay 30.5 mln usd to settle an Australian class action alleging they organised a cartel to fix the price of vitamins. The applicants in the class action, many of whom were farmers, alleged that as a result of the cartel they lost market share or paid inflated prices.     AFX
2005 Sued by the State of California for defrauding the state's $34 billion Medi-Cal program by inflating prices. "We're going to drag these drug companies into courts of law because they've been gouging the public," California Attorney General Bill Lockyer said at a news conference. For example, Medi-Cal paid $804.70 US for a bottle of the hypertension drug Atenolol. Providers such as doctors, clinics and pharmacists paid $33.85 US. As a result, providers reimbursed by Medi-Cal for Atenolol pocketed $770.85 US. The windfalls gave doctors, pharmacies and other providers an incentive to prescribe such drugs, which resulted in even more sales by drug makers, Lockyer said.     Canadian Press
2003   1,9   billion Eu€
2003   1billion Eu€Washington Post
2003 Entente sur le prix de la methionine sur le marché états-unien. Aventis verse 178 M$ pour mettre fin aux poursuites.     AOF
2003 Entente illicite; accord entre Aventis et Andrx pour qu'Andrx ne vende pas son médicament pour le coeur Cardizem à un prix inférieur à celui d'Aventis: amende de 80 et 110 millions de $US.     AOF
2002   21,662,28   billion US$
2002 Entente pour fixer le prix de la méthylglucamine entre 1990 et 1999: amende de 2,85 millions d'euros après réduction de 40% pour avoir collaboré lors de l'enquête.     Les Echos
2002 Accused with fraud and bribery schemes to inflate prices for consumers and government health plans.     Financial Times
2002 market-sharing and price-fixing cartels affecting vitamin products in Europe: 5,04 million euros fine.     Commission Européenne
2002 Entente sur le prix de la méthionine, échappe à l'amende pour avoir révélé cette entente.     Les Echos
2001   20,451,46   billion US$
2000   22,31,13   billion Eu€
1999   12,6-0,97   billion Eu€
yearfinancial misdemeanorsalesincomeassetsbuybacksource
 15 informations, access to subscribers
purpose : intermediary/lobby : institution
2002Market admission for genetically modified organisms : Europabio : : European Commission translateCorporate Europe Observatory
2000Prevent binding environmental regulations (environmental protection through economic growth, self-regulation and free trade) : WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) : : United Nations translateCorporate Europe Observatory
2000Limit the legal liability, no price control, no list of preferred drugs, hampers the approval and marketing of generic drugs, no drug imports, no limit to drug advertising… : Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America : : US government, congress, senate translateWashington Post
2000Market access (through WTO), cheaper energy (through energy liberalization in Europe); uniform rules to enable the patenting of plants and animals (through TRIPS); prevent advert legislation on chemicals, self-regulation instead; : CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council) : : European Commission translateCorporate Europe Observatory
2000Lift the ban on bovine growth hormons, the moratorium on GMOs : EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry Associations) : : European Commission translateEFPIA
2000Access to public services (privatization through GATS) : ERT (European Roundtable of Industrialists) : : European Commission translateCorporate Europe Observatory
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» Influence in 2007
purpose : intermediary/lobby : institution
 6 informations, access to subscribers
» More influence from Aventis SA
» Influence in 2007
dubious practice : image
2002Arguable partnership: Institut de France (Académie française, Académie des inscriptions et belles-lettres, Académie des sciences, Académie des beaux-arts, Académie des sciences morales et politiques): "Science Génération":
2001ad budget: 167 million US$; Advertising Age
2000ad budget: 104 million US$; Advertising Age
2000Arguable partnership: Global Compact with the United Nations: value: Respects human, social and environmental laws; ONU
1999 value: Respect de la nature; slogan: Notre challenge, c'est la vie.;

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