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Crane Co.

Headquarters : 100 First Stamford Place Stamford, CT 06902 United States of America United States of America web tel. 203-363-7300 stock : CR analytics


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« Ethical » rating of Crane Co. , group and subsidiaries

Pollution 1 Offshore 3 Sales 2 Bn $.€ /year Wage 153 *min.
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2004The company makes a variety of industrial products, including fluid handling equipment (valves and pumps), aerospace components (sensing and control systems), engineered materials (plumbing supplies and lined-piping products), merchandising systems (vending machines), and controls (diagnostic, measurement, and control devices).
address & contact : production type
incentive source
China China
Crane YongXiang (Ningbo) Valve Co. Ltd. (70%) :
China China
Crane Zhengying Rubber Co. Ltd. (80%) :
China China
Crane Ningjin Valve Co. (90%) :
China China
Crane Nantong Company Ltd. (70%) :
China China
Crane Fengqiu (Zhejiang) Pump Co. Ltd. (70%) :
China China
Resistoflex Plastic Lined System (Shanghai) Co. Ltd :
South Korea South Korea
Xomox Korea Ltd. :
Hungary Hungary
Xomox Hungary Kft. :
India India
Xomox Sanmar Ltd (49%) :
India India
Crane Process Flow Tech. (India) Ltd. :
Indonesia Indonesia
P.T. Crane Indonesia (51%) :
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Crane International Capital S.á.r.l :
Offshore finance, secret bank account, tax haven, shell companies or free zone(s)
Mexico Mexico
Xomox Chihuahua S.A. de C.V. :
Netherlands Netherlands
Crane International Capital B.V. :
Singapore Singapore
Xomox Southeast Asia Pte Ltd. :
Offshore finance, secret bank account, tax haven, shell companies or free zone(s)
Switzerland Switzerland
Xomox A.G. :
Offshore finance, secret bank account, tax haven, shell companies or free zone(s)
Thailand Thailand
Kessel (Thailand) Pte. Ltd (49%) :
Venezuela Venezuela
Xomox Corporation de Venezuela C.A. :

  • Human impact

year name
photo position; compensation
2005Evans, Robert S
See the photo of: Evans, Robert S Chairman of the Board;
2005Fast, Eric C
See the photo of: Fast, Eric C Chief Executive Officer; salary: 1,76 million US$;
2005Vipond, J Robert
See the photo of: Vipond, J Robert Chief Financial Officer; salary: 0,52 million US$;
social impact : country
social impact : country
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country : consequences
2005United States of America : Soil and groundwater contamination around Kavey UniDynamics/Phoenix site which manufactured explosive and pyrotechnic compounds from 1962 and 1993. Removed approximately 36,000 pounds of trichloroethylene from the ground. Additional perchlorate contamination.

  • Lobbying & corruption

  • Subsidy

  • Advertising & marketing

year  salesincome source
2004   1,89-0,1   billion US$
2003   1,640,1   billion US$
2002   1,52-0,01   billion US$
2001   1,590,09   billion US$
yearfinancial misdemeanorsalesincomeassetsbuybacksource
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