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North Face Inc.

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« Ethical » rating of North Face Inc. , group VF Corp. and subsidiaries

Labor 4 Jobs -90% /1998 Fraud 1 Offshore 2 Wage 304 *min.
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VF Corp.United States of America100
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social impact : country
ILO violation 1, 131,29,87,98 : The workers sewing North Face jackets in El Salvador gain 0,94 dollar by part, that is to say less than 0,6% of the final price of these articles. These wind-breakers are sold 159 $ in the stores of the United States. The weekly duration of work in their factory of Youngone (international free zone of Paz) is 47 hours 30, beyond the 44 standard times of El Salvador. During the peak season, they must carry out 21 overtime per week, that is to say 69 hours weekly. At the time of the peaks d' activity, saturdays is worked, during 22 hours, 7 hours of the morning jusqu' at 5 o'clock in the morning the next day, is some 91 work hours weeks. Overtime are obligatory. Their legal net salary is of 0,6 euro of l' hour (0,66 crude), for a vital miminim estimated 1,14 euro from l' hour, is 26 euros per week (for 44 work hours) and 114 euros per month. But the direction imposes a production quota of 40 wind-breakers per 8 hour old shift, under penalty of reserve on wages. Increased quota with 50 wind-breakers per station, +25%, without pay rise. Their real wages dropped by 20% between 2003 and 2008 compared to l' inflation. The foremen constantly threaten them to delocalize the production in another factory of the group in Bangladesh, where the wages are 3 times weaker. They are frequently badgered sexually by their supervisor. When employees trained a trade union, recognized by the l', Ministry of Labour; machine immediately laid off the 5 elected representatives and 4 sympathizers in their explaining “You can go jusqu' with the Ministry of Labour to feel sorry for you… The company does not want a trade union. It does not matter s' it is large or small, us n' in let us not want here”. Every 3 months, from the purchasers of North Face come to inspect l' machine, to see the quality of the products, but they do not speak to the workmen.: El Salvador
National Labor Committee
social impact : country
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year  salesincome source
1998   0,250   billion US$
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