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Pakistan National Shipping Corp

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social impact : country
ILO violation 87 : The state-owned PNSC has conducted a continuous campaign of harassment against the All Pakistan Seamen’s Workers Union (APSWU), seeking both to intimidate and punish union leaders and consistently refusing to bargain with the union. The PNSC fabricated charges of misconduct and indiscipline against six APSWU leaders in the PNSC for their activities, leading to their suspension and barring them from working on ships in Pakistan for three years. During the year, the PNSC also sought and used legal injunctions to prevent the APSWU from boarding PNSC ships to meet with its members. Rather than bargaining, the PNSC filed a legal challenge to the status of the APSWU as the workers representative. Management’s challenge was denied in June by the National Industrial Relations Commission – but despite the ruling little changed, and at the end of the year, PNSC was continuing to bar APSWU from having access to seafarers on PNSC ships.: Pakistan
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social impact : country
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» More restructuring at Pakistan National Shipping Corp
» Layoff plans and labour conditions in 2007

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