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Phils-Jeon Garments Factory, Inc

South Korea South Korea analytics


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Labor 1 Offshore 1
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Philippines Philippines
Cavite EPZ : Production, vêtements
Offshore finance, secret bank account, tax haven, shell companies or free zone(s) ITUC-CSI

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social impact : country
ILO violation 87 : The Korean-owned Phils Jeon factory located in Cavite EPZ adamantly refused to bargain with the Kaisahan ng mga Manggagawa sa Phils Jeon union (KMPJI-Independent), despite a final ruling by DOLE on 21 April that determined the union was the sole legitimate bargaining agent of the workers and ordered management to enter into negotiations immediately. Starting in July, union members held regular protests calling on management to cease efforts to undermine the union, and enter into good faith bargaining. On 12 August, factory management responded by fabricating misconduct charges against union president Emmanuel Bautista and terminating him. When the union finally decided to go on to strike on 25 September, on the same day as Chong Won, a combination of PEZA police, PNP officials from Rosario, and Jantro security guards attacked the Phils Jeon picket line, savagely beating the strikers. Phils Jeon strikers were also blockaded in the same manner as Chong Won, and subjected to the same types of systematic harassment by PEZA security officers. A renewed attack by security officers against KMPJI-Independent’s picket line on 27 September resulted in 13 workers being injured.: Philippines
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social impact : country
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» More restructuring at Phils-Jeon Garments Factory, Inc
» Layoff plans and labour conditions in 2007

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