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Economy, tax incentives & labor conditions

Although the Labour Code does apply in the Export processing zones, no real effort has been made by the government to ensure that labour legislation is enforced. Employers only rarely comply with the decisions of the industrial tribunal when it rules against them. Employers refuse to recognise trade unions and use various strategies to prevent their creation or destroy them, such as handing round blacklists of union activists to prevent them finding new jobs. Some companies turn to specialised agencies when hiring staff in order to screen out trade union and human rights activists, etc. Where unions do exist there are many cases of their leaders being dismissed or else subjected to campaigns involving discrimination, threats and constant intimidation.
(ITUC-CSI , Suisse , 01/12/2007 , Annual Survey of violations of trade union rights )

Free trade zones: Excel Boca Chica Zona Franca Industrial Nueva Zona Franca Ind. de San P. de Mac. Parque de Exportación Haina Parque de Zona Franca Industrial ITABO Parque Industrial Madre Vieja Z.F.E. Distrito Nacional Z.F.E. Higuey Z.F.E. La Vega Z.F.E. Puerto Plata Z.F.E. San Cristobal Z.F.E. Santiago Zona Franca Caribbean Industrial Park Zona Franca Ind. Barahona Zona Franca Ind. Bonao Zona Franca Ind. Cotui Zona Franca Ind. de Baní Zona Franca Ind. de San Cristobal Zona Franca Ind. Esperanza Zona Franca Ind. Gurabo Zona Franca Ind. Hainamosa Zona Franca Ind. Hato Mayor Zona Franca Ind. Higuey Zona Franca Ind. La Armeria Zona Franca Ind. La Romana I Zona Franca Ind. La Vega Zona Franca Ind. Los Alcarrizos Zona Franca Ind. Moca Zona Franca Ind. Navarrete Zona Franca Ind. Nigua Zona Franca Ind. Pontezuela Zona Franca Ind. Puerto Plata Zona Franca Ind. San Fco. de Macoris Zona Franca Ind. San Isidro Zona Franca Ind. San Pedro Zona Franca Ind. Santiago Zona Franca Ind. Santiago-Janico Zona Franca Ind. Santiago-Licey Zona Franca Ind. Villa Altagracia Zona Franca Ind. Villa Mella Zona Franca Industrial de Palmarejo Zona Franca Industrial de Salcedo Zona Franca Industrial Global Zona Franca Industrial Las Américas Zona Franca Industrial Tamboril Zona Franca La Romana II Zona Franca Laguna Prieta Zona Franca Palmar Abajo Zona Franca Santiago-Navarrete
(Entreprise , 01/01/1999 )

The following free zones, called export processing zones, profit a total exemption of the companies income tax during 15 to 25 years: Los Alcarrizos, Mella Villa, Tired Americas, Santiago, Vega, San Pedro de Macoris, Bonao, Altagracia Villa.
(Entreprise , 01/01/1999 )

Minimum wage noted (US$/day)
(year, wage and name of the contracting company)

2005 4 US$/day at/for Yupoong Inc
2001 7 US$/day at/for Nike Inc.

Main labor right violations
(year, company name and norm number)

2006 Coca Cola Co. 87
2002 LA Gear 87,98
2002 Nike Inc. 87,98
2002 Phillips-Van Heusen Corp 1
2002 Quiksilver Inc 87,98
2002 Reebok International Ltd. 87,98
2002 The Gap Inc. 87,98

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