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Companies from Liechtenstein

Foreign companies established in this country.

Offshore finance

Economy, tax incentives & labor conditions

The International Monetary Funds estimated that Liechtenstein remains vulnerable to the money laundering. Approximately 90% of the financial services offered by the principality are provided to non-residents, noted the IMF, stressing that the latter for the majority "are attracted by flexible and discrete legal structures, a strict bank secrecy and favorable tax provisions". It is particularly difficult to identify the holders of credits placed in the small State, estimates the IMF, adding that "Liechtenstein is especially vulnerable in the phase of distribution in layers of the money bleaching".
(RTL , Luxembourg , 05/03/2008 , Le Liechtenstein reste vulnérable au blanchiment d'argent, selon le FMI )

74000 multinational corporations are established in Liechtenstein, generally in the shape of a simple P.0. box, because of a very advantageous corporation tax.
(Les Echos , France , 18/02/2008 )

The banks in Liechtenstein ensure the bank secrecy of the deposits and the identity of the depositors.
(Livre , 01/02/2006 , Le guide Chambost des paradis fiscaux )

70 000 shell companies (Anstalt) are registered in Lichtenstein in 2003.
(Livre , 01/02/2006 , Le guide Chambost des paradis fiscaux )

Liechtenstein foundations, or Anstalts, are not required to keep books, present balances to tax authorities, or undergo any state supervision.
(Asia Times , Hong-Kong , 08/01/2003 )

In this country of 32 000 inhabitants, 16 banks and 80 000 holdings are registered.
(Les Echos , France , 19/10/2000 )

Main violations of the human rights and dirty money laundering
(year and company name)

2002 BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria)
1998 LGT Bank
1997 Elf Aquitaine Group
1997 Verwaltungs und Privat Bank AG

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