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Economy, tax incentives & labor conditions

A blue-collar worker earns on average a wage of 585 euros gross per month in this country in 2008.
(L'Expansion , France , 01/10/2008 )

Non-payment of wages remained a problem, with almost 37 thousand enterprises inspected by the State Labour Inspectorate proving to be dishonest in this respect. Irregular overtime, miscalculation of working hours and denial of holidays and days off work became common practice and blatant violations of workers’ rights in supermarkets came to public attention. In general, however, the workers rarely protest for the fear of losing their jobs.
(ITUC-CSI , Suisse , 01/12/2007 , Annual Survey of violations of trade union rights )

Trade unionists are often summarily dismissed on disciplinary grounds. Workers wishing to form or join a trade union have been intimidated or even dismissed straight after informing the employer that a trade union had been formed or when a collective dispute takes place.
(ITUC-CSI , Suisse , 01/12/2007 , Annual Survey of violations of trade union rights )

The average wage cost in the car industry is 5,8 euros per hour.
(Les Echos , France , 25/03/2006 )

The tax on corporate profit is 19%.
(Entreprise , 01/01/1999 )

Main labor right violations
(year, company name and norm number)

2006 Metro AG 87
2006 Selgros 87
2006 Stokrotka 87
2005 Frito-Lay 29
2005 Jeronimo Martins 1, 127
2005 Lidl & Schwarz Stiftung & Co. KG 1, 29
2004 Jeronimo Martins 1

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