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Musim Mas

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Ethical rating of Musim Mas , group and subsidiaries

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social impact : country
ILO violation 87 : Five trade unionists on trial on charges stemming from a strike and demonstration in September 2005 at the PT Musim Mas palm oil plantation and refinery in Palalawan were declared guilty and sentenced by the court on 3 February 2006. SP KAHUTINDO PT Musim Mas Union Chairperson Robin Kimbi and KAHUTINDO Riau Province Regional Secretary Masry Sebayang were sentenced to two years' imprisonment. Union leaders Suyahman, Safrudin, and Akhen Pane each received one year and two months. Sruhas Towo, who was arrested a month after his colleagues and tried separately, was sentenced on 17 March to 14 months in jail.: Indonesia

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