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Aadnesen, Torolf: Det Norske Veritas,
Aalberts, Arie: Friesland Coberco Dairy Foods Holding NV,
Aamot, Kjell: Schibsted ASA,
Abad, Delphine: Geriko,
Abad, Marie: Geriko,
Abate, René: Carrefour SA,
Abbo, Edward: Siebel Systems, Inc,
Abbott, Frank: Harmony Gold Mining Co. Ltd.,
Abdoo, Richard: Wisconsin Energy Corp,
Abdoo, Richard A: Wisconsin Energy Corp,
Abe, Katsuhiro: Pioneer Corp.,
Abedecaroux, Martine: Laiterie d'Ambilly SA,
Abel, Gregory E: MEC (MidAmerican Energy Holdings) Co.,
Abele, Peter: Thyssen Stahl,
Abely, Steve: Bookham Technology PLC,
Abergel, Jacques: In Media Stat Virtus,
Abernathy, Robert: Kimberly-Clark Corp.,
Abery, Peter: Crown Castle International Corp,
Abete, Luigi: Banca Nazionale del Lavoro,
Ables, Dorothy: Union Gas Ltd,
Abona, Jaime Echevarria: Iberpapel SA, Viscofan, S.A.,
Abrahams, Mark: Fenner plc,
Abram, Michael: Shaw Communications Inc.,
Abreu, Jose Carlos Moraes: Banco Itau SA,
Abril, Luis: Via Digital,
Abromovitz, Gary: Helen of Troy Ltd.,
Abu-Ghazaleh, Mohammad: Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc,
Achenbach, Christoph: Arcandor ex-KarstadtQuelle AG,
Achleitner, Paul: Allianz AG, Bayer AG,
Ackerman, Don E: Schlumberger Ltd,
Ackerman, F Duane: Bellsouth Corp.,
Ackerman, Josef: Deutsche Bank AG,
Ackerman, Roger G: Corning Inc.,
Ackermann, Josef: Bayer AG, Deutsche Bank AG, The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc,
Ackley, Robert: Chemtura Corp,
Ackroyd, Martin: Morrison Supermarkets plc,
Acton, Elizabeth: Comerica Inc.,
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