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Cayman Islands

20 largest companies: Seagate Technology, Inc., Transocean Sedco Forex Inc, Fruit of the Loom, Inc., Noble Drilling Corp, Chandler Insurance Company, Ltd, Consolidated Water Co. Ltd, Apex Silver Mines Ltd., Altajir Bank, Amber Master Fund, Ansbacher Ltd, Arlabank International EC, Asia Private Equity Investments, Atlantic Security Bank, BAMB (Brasilian American Merchant Bank), BEAL Cayman Ltd, BIE Bank and Trust Ltd, Braseg Overseas Bank, BVP EUROPE LP, Caledonian Bank and Trust Ltd,
Insurance: Chandler Insurance Company, Ltd, Scottish Annuity & Life Holdings, Ltd.,
Banking: Altajir Bank, Arlabank International EC, Atlantic Security Bank, BAMB (Brasilian American Merchant Bank), BIE Bank and Trust Ltd, Braseg Overseas Bank, Caledonian Bank and Trust Ltd, Cayman National Bank Ltd, Euro Canadian Bank and Trust Co Ltd, Finsbury Bank and Trust Co, First Home banking Ltd, Guardian Bank and Trust Ltd, Gulf International Bank, Inchauspe Bank Corp, Incobank and Trust Corp, Morval Bank and Trust Cayman Ltd, Multi Banking Corp (Overseas) Ltd, Norinvest Bank, Pacific Industrial Bank, Rofin International Bank and Trust, Towerbank Ltd, Trade and Commerce Bank, Trade Link Bank, Transcorp Bank, Transocean Bank and Trust Ltd,
Consulting: Veritas DGC Petroleum Geo-Services,
Energy & water: Consolidated Water Co. Ltd, GlobalSantaFe Corp, Noble Drilling Corp, Seven Seas Petroleum Corp, Transocean Sedco Forex Inc,
Equipment: Seagate Technology, Inc.,
Computer hardware:
Holding: Amber Master Fund, BVP EUROPE LP,
Metals & mining: Apex Silver Mines Ltd., Oryx Natural Resources,
Private Person: Kaplan Thomas,
Financial services: Ansbacher Ltd, Asia Private Equity Investments, BEAL Cayman Ltd, Cayman National Corp. Group, Centaurus Alpha, Chase Money Market Alternative Fund, Ltd., Chase Private Equity Partners Select, Ltd., EuroAmerican Capital Corp Ltd, Exxel Group, Gaiacorp Trading Ltd, GS Financial Products US LP, PS Asset Corp, Radish Investment Corp, Ribble Investment Ltd, Russian Renaissance Investment Co Ltd, SFC Investment Management Ltd, WG Trading International Corp,
Apparel: Fruit of the Loom, Inc.,

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