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Human 4 Fraud 6 Sales 11 Bn $.€ /year Profit 11 Bn $.€ /1998
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MenatepGibraltar44BBC News
Sibneft (Siberian Oil Co)Russia26BBC News
Vladimir DubovRussia7Moscow Times
YukosRussia5Moscow Times
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2006Russia's biggest oil exporter in 2004.Bloomberg
2004Russia's largest oil producer with 1,7 million barrel/day.
Aker Kvaerner asa Norway22Financial Times
Mazheikiu Nafta Lithuania28,6Moscow Times
Yukos Russia5Moscow Times
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Russia Russia
Shatsky, black sea (JV) :
 Les Echos

  • Environmental impact

year name
photo position; compensation
2004Kukes, Simon G
See the photo of: Kukes, Simon G Chief Executive Officer;
2004Misamore, Bruce K
See the photo of: Misamore, Bruce K Chief Financial Officer;
2000Khodorkovsky, Mikhail
See the photo of: Khodorkovsky, Mikhail Chief Executive Officer;
social impact : country
country : description
2007Spain : The Yukos former security director, Alexeï Pitchouguine, is suspected of being implied in a vast international network of money laundering on Costa del Sol.AFP
2007Russia : The former person in charge for the services of safety for Ioukos, Alexeï Pitchouguine, was condemned on August 5, 2007 to the prison with life by a court for Moscow, which considered to be it guilty organization of murder. The judge thus lined up in the opinion of the parquet floor, which it February 21 had made break the judgment of Mr. Pitchouguine at 24 years of prison in this business, considering the sorrow too lenient. The judge recognized guilty inter alia organization of the murder of Valentina Korneeva, director of the Fénix company, in Moscow in 1998, and of that of the mayor of the town of Nefteïougansk, Vladimir Petoukhov. He was also recognized guilty of four attempted murders, in particular against another oil leader, Evgueni Rybine.AFP
2005Russia : Alexeï Pitchouguine, déjà condamné à 20 ans de réclusion pour organisation de meurtre, est soupçonné de "l'organisation du meurtre de la directrice de l'entreprise commerciale Phoenix Valentina Korneïeva en janvier 1998, ainsi que de l'organisation d'une double tentative d'assassinat sur le président exécutif de East-Petroleum HandelsGes GmbH Evguéni Rybine en novembre 1998 et mars 1999", selon un porte-parole du parquet général russe.AFP
2005Russia : L'ex-responsable de la sécurité du groupe pétrolier Ioukos, Alexeï Pitchouguine, reconnu coupable d'organisation de meurtre, a été condamné mercredi par un tribunal de Moscou à 20 ans de réclusion.Il avait été reconnu coupable la semaine dernière par un jury d'assises d'avoir organisé le meurtre d'un couple en 2002, de tentative de meurtre sur une ex-collaboratrice de Ioukos et de coups contre une quatrième personne.AFP

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yearfinancial misdemeanorsalesincome buybacksource
2006 New claim of 1,4 billion dollars in back taxes. Yukos on the whole owes 26,97 billion dollars, 61% to the Russian State and 37% to Rosneft.     Les Echos
2006 Ioukos was condemned by the russian justice to pay 1,23 billion euros of tax arrears for 2004. The total sum demanded by the justice reaches 23,63 billion euros.     AFP
2006     Les Echos
2006 Yukos received a $3.8 billion tax claim from Russia relating to tax payments on oil exports and 2004 operations.     Bloomberg
2005 Spain's Interior Ministry suspects that some of the money in the illegal operation was illegally siphoned from Yukos. According to Yukos, its employees were only "marginally" implicated in a multi-million-dollar (euro) money-laundering network find out by the Spanish authorities.     AFP
2003 Incarcération de M. Khodorkovski pour fraude fiscale     Capital
2002   11,373,06   billion US$
2002   3,7billion US$Moscow Times
2001   9,693,43   billion US$
2000 Accusation d'évasion fiscale en 2000: 3,5 milliards de $US     AFP
2000   8,383,28   billion US$
1999   4,371,36   billion US$
yearfinancial misdemeanorsalesincomeassetsbuybacksource
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