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Google Inc

Headquarters : 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043 United States of America United States of America web tel. 650-330-0100 stock : GOOG analytics


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Offshore 1 Sales 22 Bn $.€ /year Profit 12 Bn $.€ /1998 Wage 25076 *min. Infocom 1
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2008Google's internet websites had an audience of 136 million visits in February 2008.Les Echos
200860% of the internet searches in the world are made on Google.Les Echos
2008Google's internet websites had an audience of 753 million visits in October 2008 (comScore Media Metrix).Capital
2008China's second most popular search engine with 27,8% of the searches.Les Echos
2007544 million people in the world use Google.Le Figaro
2006Google buys Dmarc to expand internet advertising to the $11 billion radio advertising market. DMarc's technology allows companies to submit their ads over the Internet and buy spots on radio stations across the country. The software also lets advertisers direct individual ads to specific markets and can track how many people respond to the spots. Ads sold by Google started appearing in print magazines including PC Magazine and Maximum PC in August.Bloomberg
2006Google already controls about two-thirds of the roughly $7.7 billion expected to be spent on online search advertising in 2007. With Doubleclick, it gained a similar share of the $3.75 billion market for online display advertising—the multimedia ads found in a fixed spot on a Web page.Business Week
2006Half of the internet searches in the world are made on Google.Les Echos
2006Google's mission statement is "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful."
2006Google is used for 50% of the 5.3 billion internet searches in the USA, 47% in 2005.PC World
2006Google is the world's most popular search engine., with 400 million monthly users.International Herald Tribune
2005‘Google is getting about $50 per year for you [each customers'] searching. Yet, because it does not think it has any competition, it is not giving any of that back to you,’ Bill Gates.Information Week
2005Second-most used search engine in China with 23% of the internet searches.Les Echos
2005Google accounted for 37,3% of the US searches in August 2005, app. 1,9 billion searches.
2005Google is used for 49% of the internet searches in the USA, 43% in 2004.L'Expansion
2005Google received a third of all U.S.-based Internet advertising during the 3rd quarter of 2005, $950 million in advertising dollars out of the $3.1 billion web advertising market.Forbes
2005 Google has 380 million users per month.Reuters
2004Controls 60% of the Internet search engine market in the world
AOL (America Online) United States of America5Bloomberg
DoubleClick Inc. United States of America100Business Week
Xunlei Network Technology China4ZDNet
YouTube Inc United States of America100AFP
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address & contact : production type
incentive source
China China
: Google emploie une centaine d'ingénieurs logiciels.
India India
Bangalore, R&D :
Ireland Ireland
Google Ireland Ltd :
Offshore finance, secret bank account, tax haven, shell companies or free zone(s)
Poland Poland
Cracovie : Production, centre de recherche et de développement
Russia Russia
ZAO Begun : Production,

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year name
photo position; compensation
2005Kordestani, Omid
See the photo of: Kordestani, Omid Vice-president; salary: 1,01 million US$; stock-options: 287,86 million US$;
2005Reyes, George
See the photo of: Reyes, George Chief Financial Officer; salary: 0,81 million US$;
2003Brin, Sergey
See the photo of: Brin, Sergey Chairman;
2003Page, Larry
See the photo of: Page, Larry Chairman;
2003Schmidt, Eric E
See the photo of: Schmidt, Eric E Chief Executive Officer;
social impact : country
Internal restructuring: Google cuts 200 jobs in its marketing and sale departments.: United States of America
Internal restructuring: Google gives up on newspaper print ads and cuts about 100 of its employee recruiters.: United States of America
Les Echos
social impact : country
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year  salesincome source
2009   23,656,52   billion US$Les Echos
2008   21,794,22   billion US$Les Echos
2007   16,594,2   billion US$Les Echos
2006   10,63,07   billion US$AFP
2004   3,19   billion US$
2003   0,960,11   billion US$
2002   0,3   billion US$Les Echos
2001   0,1   billion US$
yearfinancial misdemeanorsalesincomeassetsbuybacksource
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dubious practice : image
2009Mishandling of private data: Les Echos
2008Spying: By downloading Google's browser, Chrome, users agree to give up copyright to their own files. The browser's End User Licence Agreement contained a clause giving the company a "perpetual, irrevocable" licence to "reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute any content" submitted or displayed through its browser, as well as "sharing" the user's information with other organisations. For many, even those who would normally share their knowledge for free, this would not only include their personal details, but also things like programming code, which could then be reproduced by corporations for commercial purposes. The company has since been forced to modify its licence after a flood of complaints, claiming it was an "accident" resulting from hastily pasting its "standard terms." The clause now states that users "retain copyright and any other rights" but does not say whether Google would not still store this information and share it with a third party.: Corporate Watch

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