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« Ethical » rating of Areva , group and subsidiaries

Jobs -2% /1998 Pollution 11 Fraud 3 Sales 13 Bn $.€ /year Profit 4 Bn $.€ /1998 Influence 1 Infocom 4
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EDF SAFrance2,42Les Echos
Public institutionFrance91Les Echos
Total SAFrance1
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2007Areva is the world's largest nuclear-plant builder.Bloomberg
2006Areva is the world's second-largest nuclear-plant builder, with 92 plants installed.Les Echos
2006Areva is the world's leader of the civil nuclear power.L'Expansion
Areva NC ex-COGEMA France100
Areva NP ex-Framatome France66Les Echos
Safran France7,5
STMicroelectronics NV Switzerland11Les Echos
Suez Environnement SA France1,41Les Echos
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address & contact : production type
incentive source
South Africa South Africa
UraMin : Production, uranium
Brazil Brazil
Paraná : Construction de deux centrales électriques biomasse
China China
Suzhou : Production, Equipement de transmission et de distribution d'énergie.
 Les Echos
India India
Areva T&D : Production,
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
: Exploitation d'uranium en partenariat avec Kazatomprom
 Les Echos
Namibia Namibia
: Production, Nous traiterons 100.000 tonnes de minerai par jour pour extraire six à huit millions de pounds d'uranium par an
Namibia Namibia
UraMin : Production, uranium
Niger Niger
Mine d'Imouraren (66%) : Production, minerai d'uranium
Niger Niger
mines de la Somair et la Cominak : uranium
Central African Republic Central African Republic
UraMin : Production, uranium

  • Human impact

year name
photo position; compensation
2009Spinetta, Jean-cyril
See the photo of: Spinetta, Jean-cyril Chairman of the Monitoring Committee;
2007Palacio, Ana
See the photo of: Palacio, Ana Executive committee;
2004Lauvergeon, Anne
See the photo of: Lauvergeon, Anne Chairman of the Executive committee;
2002Arbola, Gérard
See the photo of: Arbola, Gérard Chief Financial Officer;
2002Lauvergeon, Anne
See the photo of: Lauvergeon, Anne Chief Executive Officer;
social impact : country
The jobs will be cut at Areva's St Leonard's site to keep the company competitive in the world market. Areva bought the site from French engineering giant Alstom in late 2003.: United Kingdom
European Restructuring Monitor
country : consequences
2008France : The Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) announced that discharges of carbon-14 above the permitted limit occurred in June and early July at the plant Socatri, a few days before the flight declared on July 7. The subsidiary of Areva was found July 4 "an overflow for the month of June, its monthly release limits on carbon-14 gas." Once alerted to the supervisory authority has classified the incident at Level 1 of the ladder Ines which has 8. It has therefore prohibited "by the resumption of any activity Socatri generating discharges of carbon 14 and until the end of 2008". But it has been notified that on August 5, and releases have continued after stopping the activity of the workshop in question.Journal du Dimanche
2008France : Discharges of radioactive waste without impact on the environment "were found in a plant operated by a subsidiary of Areva in Romans-sur-Isère (Drôme) following a ruptured pipeline, announced the Authority Nuclear Safety (ASN). The incident occurred in the FBFC plant, which produces fuel for nuclear power generating plants and research reactors.AFP
2008France : Important continuous leakage of radioactive materials in the environment from the Areva in La Hague (Manche)Sortir du nucléaire
2008France : Socatri, a subsidiary of Areva, rejected accidentally a quantity of radioactive elements 27 times higher than the authorized annual limit. Socatri is authorized to reject each year 72 million becquerels of uranium a measuring unit of radioactivity. At the time of the incident, 2 billion becquerels was rejected. Moreover, uranium was rejected partly on the ground and into the river Gaffière. What is strictly prohibited because there is no guarantee of dilution. Result, the lawful limit was pulverized with a concentration of more than 300.000 Becquerels per liter instead of 50 Bq/l.Libération
2008France L'humanité
2007France : According to the president of the Commission of research and independent information on radioactivity (Criirad), in 2007, Socatri rejected into the atmosphere 42 times the authorized limit of carbon-14.Rue89
2006France brand: Comurhex : Serious radioactive material leakage outside of the Comurhex plant in Aude on July 18, 2006.Sortir du nucléaire
2006France brand: Comurhex : Serious radioactive material leakage outside of the Comurhex plant in Aude on March 5, 2006.Sortir du nucléaire
2006France brand: Comurhex : Serious radioactive material leakage outside of the Comurhex plant in Aude on January 28, 2006.Sortir du nucléaire
2005Niger : Since years, the “drinkable” water provided to the inhabitants of Arlit in Niger is contaminated by uranium running out of the mines of Cogema.Canal+
2004France Ouest France
2004France brand: Comurhex : Serious radioactive material leakage outside of the Comurhex site of in the Aude on March 20, 2004.Sortir du nucléaire

yearfinancial misdemeanorsalesincome source
2009 Six European and Japanese companies, AREVA, ABB, Alstom, Siemens, Fuji Electrics and Toshiba, shared the European and Japanese markets of electric transformers between 1999 and 2003. The japanese producers were not to sell transformers in Europe and the european producers not to sell some in Japan. The European commission condemned them to a total fine of 67,644 million euros.     AFP
2008   13,160,59   billion Eu€Les Echos
2007   11,920,74   billion Eu€
2006   10,860,65   billion Eu€
2006 Areva is fined for having colluded in supplies of gas insulated switchgear, which is needed at sub-stations used to carry electricity to homes, offices and factories in the Czech Republic. "The issue is so-called bid rigging, in which participants agreed among themselves on who will offer what price of gas insulated switchgear so the contract is awarded to the company agreed in advance," the Czech competition regulator said.     Reuters
2006 The company participated to a cartel with its competitors on the gas insulated switchgears market in Europe.     Les Echos
2005   10,121,05   billion Eu€
2004   11,110,43   billion Eu€
2003   8,250,35   billion Eu€
2002   8,260,24   billion Eu€
2002     Libération
2001   7,89-0,52   billion US$
2000   9,040,46   billion Eu€
1999   9,520,5   billion Eu€
yearfinancial misdemeanorsalesincomeassetsbuybacksource
 14 informations, access to subscribers
purpose : intermediary/lobby : institution
2004Prevent binding environmental regulations (environmental protection through economic growth, self-regulation and free trade) : WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) : : United Nations translateWBCSD
purpose : intermediary/lobby : institution
 1 informations, access to subscribers
2004EtatUnited States of America<1 millions US$Triangle Business Journal
 1 informations, access to subscribers
dubious practice : image
2009Arguable partnership: Sortir du nucléaire
2009Arguable partnership: Areva creates, in collaboration with ONG Sherpa and Médecins of the World, an observatory of health around the uranium mining sites, in particular in Niger and Gabon. The Criirad (Commission of research and independent information on the radioactivity), which had taken part in these investigations, emitted " many réserves" on the joint initiative of Areva and Sherpa, fearing that it could be " a new operation of communication". The Network " Leave the nucléaire" expressed its greater perplexity in front of this surprising volte-face of the Sherpa association, known to fight - and not to accompany - the activities of the multinationals whenever they pollute or do not respect the Human Rights.: AFP
2009Deceptive advertising: Europe 1
2007slogan: L'énergie au sens propre; Les Echos
2006Arguable partnership: Sponsor de la voile: value: Engagement, solidarité, confiance, technicité et simplicité apparente; Les Echos
2004Arguable partnership: Le Défi, un voilier français: value: Ecologique;
2004slogan: Areva. Expert en énergie.;
2003slogan: La haute technologie au service du mieux vivre;

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