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Companies from France

Foreign companies established in this country.

Economy, tax incentives & labor conditions

A blue-collar worker earns on average a wage of 1347 euros gross per month in this country in 2008.
(L'Expansion , France , 01/10/2008 )

The average wage cost in the car industry is 28,5 euros per hour.
(Les Echos , France , 25/03/2006 )

"At Saint-Martin, one sees many jewels of the tourism industry go bankrupt, leaving hotels and marinas empty or unfinished". "Once you've invested money in a tourism project, you go bankrupt. You can then recover the money and transfer it not far away, in Curacao for example, without any control. "
(Livre , 01/10/2005 , Que Sais-je? Le blanchiment )

On the island of Saint Martin, whose sovereignty is shared between France and the Netherlands: "You arrive with the black money in a casino on the Dutch side. They invite to sit and p^lay at a table for an hour. The casino gives away a sum arranged in advance, a practice common in tax havens. Once your earnings recovered, you can go the French side invest in real estate projects or marinas. "»
(Livre , 01/10/2005 , Que Sais-je? Le blanchiment )

Main violations of the human rights and dirty money laundering
(year and company name)

2008 Société Générale
2007 Caisse d'Epargne, Groupe
2007 CIC (Crédit Industriel et Commercial)
2003 Société Générale
2002 American Express Co.
2002 Bank Leumi le-Israel
2002 Banque Saradar sal
2001 Banque Populaire
2001 Barclays Plc
2001 National Bank of Pakistan
2001 Société Générale
2001 Société Marseillaise de Crédit
2000 AXA
2000 LCL Le Crédit Lyonnais
1998 Société Générale
1997 AXA
1996 Citigroup Inc.
1989 Banco do Brasil
1989 BNP (Banque Nationale de Paris)
1989 CIC (Crédit Industriel et Commercial)
1989 LCL Le Crédit Lyonnais

Main labor right violations
(year, company name and norm number)

2006 Aldi Group 1
2005 IBM (International Business Machines) 100
2003 United Technologies Corp. 87, 98
2002 Arcadia Group plc 1
2002 Brice 1
2002 Devred SA 1
2002 Michelin 87 98
2002 Redoute Groupe 1
2001 Usinor SA 1

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