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20 largest companies: Arcelor SA, Arbed SA, European Investment Bank, Tenaris SA, RTL Group, ESFG (Espirito Santo Financial Group), SES Global, Thiel Logistik AG, Quinsa (Quilmes Industrial), Millicom International Cellular S.A, SBS Broadcasting SA, Security Capital U.S. Realty, Corsica Ferries Holding, Cronos Group, Voxmobile, ACM Offshore Funds, Amadelux Investments S.A, Artemis Holding SA, Banque Continentale du Luxembourg,
Food: Quinsa (Quilmes Industrial),
Insurance: Challenger Reassurance, LuxLife, Private Estate Life ex-Paneuroplife, Vitis Life,
Banking: Banque Continentale du Luxembourg, Banque Générale du Luxembourg, Banque Invik, BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International), Bfg Bank, BIL (Banque Internationale du Luxembourg), Crédit Européen, Cregem International Bank, East-West United Bank, European Investment Bank, Insinger de Beaufort, KBL (Kredietbank Luxembourg), Safra Republic Holding,
Beverages: Brasserie Battin, Brasserie de Wiltz, Brasserie Nationale-Bofferding,
Chemicals: Erikem,
Retail: Cactus SA,
Conglomerate: Bolton Group International SA,
Energy & water: SOTEG,
Equipment: Tenaris SA,
State: Public institution,
Holding: Amadelux Investments S.A, Artemis Holding SA, Colussi Finance, Lux Diversity SA, New Co, Ramati Finance, Reinet Investments SCA,
Real estate: Security Capital U.S. Realty,
Media: RTL 9, RTL Group, SBS Broadcasting SA,
Metals & mining: Arbed SA, Arcelor SA, Ternium,
Private Person: Espirito (famille), Pessina Stephano,
Telecommunications services: Millicom International Cellular S.A, SEC (Société Européenne de Communications SA), SES Global, Voxmobile,
Transportation services: Corsica Ferries Holding, Luxair, Thiel Logistik AG,
Financial services: ACM Offshore Funds, Clearstream (ex-Cedel), CMI Asset Management, Cronos Group, CS Portfolio Management Co., DB Investment Management, ESFG (Espirito Santo Financial Group), Fleming Group, HSBC Investment Funds, HYPO Capital Management, SBC Management Co., Skandifond, Threadneedle Global Assets,
Sport clubs: Corsica Ferries Holding, Luxair, Thiel Logistik AG,
Apparel: Rech International,

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